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I'm sexy Mom of one. I have the apartment to my self today and am looking to meet a guy any age or size and have some fun!

We play a range of tempos and the Genres range from rock , To hardcore written by some prominent nyhc musicians , to some really good grooving but heavy metal ! guitarist looking for a vocalist looking to do an acoustic project. my band is taking a break for a little bit and i want a project in the mean time this could be perfect for someone lookin for a side project or someone who just wants to sing for fun. (idc if youre male female, or what you look like or your style) i just want to make music i'm open to any style but would like to lean towards rock, kinda like Sully from godsmack's solos stuff, or stone sour but again any style i will do, i just want to make music, just for fun maybe do a few open mihost tribute band needs guitarist! (Staten island)Upcoming Ghost tribute band seeks Lead and Rhythm guitarists. Band has resources for costuming, and contacts for PAID gigs in NYC and across Mid-Atlantic.So far we hcs here and there. i have space to write and play so theres no need to pay for studios just for acoust you want to start or finish let’s collaborate because “2 heads are better than one” if you interested hit my jack Ghost Tribute Band needs guitarist! (Gave the following positions filled:Singer/Stand-in and teaching guitar playerKeybic stuff Songwriter’s group Singer/Songwriter/engineer here looking to start a songwriting group. If you have old or new ideasoardist/backing vocalDependability willing to commute Zero tolerance of substance and anger issues A Ghost fan) I am a local instructor with many years of experience. Ready to start learning? Give me a call. Learn to play music based on the music you LOVE THE MOST. Lessons available at your location for no extra charge. vocals : keyboard : piano : guitar : drums : voice : bassATTENTION FOLK ROCK ENTHUSIASTS We will be holding the first ever Forever Young folk rock jam session and meet and greet on Saturday, June 22 from 4-7 pm. and understanding of the material and aesthetic of the band Willing to perform in mask and costume Backing vocals (optionalWe will be meeting and Jarrod's Coffee and Gallery at 154 W. Main in downtown Mesa. All listeners, vocalists and musicians are welcome. We still need a few people to lead songs. Please RSVP by e-mail if you are interested. We can go over a song list. This will be a live, mostly unplugged, music event playing songs from the 60's and 70's by such artists as Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Stones, CCR, CSN&Y, Byrds, Animals, Led Zepplin, Young Bloods, Janis Joplin and many, many others. Please support this venue as we are grateful for having such a great place to meet. If successful this will become an ongoing event with gig opportunities for performing artists. Contact person: Brian Campbell , please use e-mail May the Peace be with you, Brian Current instrumentation is bass, lead guitar, and keyboards/rhythm guitar. We also have a space in Pembroke for rehearsal and a ee where it leads us. I am sure the gigs will come, but it is not really about making a lot of money. 2 of us are retired, and a 3rd will be going the end of July. Having said that, we have not mellowed in our appreciation of rock music.All pro equipment. 40 years experience. Recently back in the game. Now I am also willing to experiment withdecent PA system. Just looking for a drummer without an attitude to finish out the group. We will practice once a week and s different genres too. But those are my main influences. I also have TONS of songs written already as well. So if you have a love for indie/folk music hit me up! Much love.Most importantly we are looking for a t all adults and responsible human beings. Please be the same. If you are interested Please be prepared to send us something with your playing on it. Might have bass player. I can trigger tons of keys and samples with the gear I have, but prefer a keyboard player, if possible. Willing to talk, listen, figure it out. Love to play. Need to sound goodeam player With a good attitude who loves creating new music and enjoys coming to practice at least one but Ideally two nights a week. We rehearse in so. NH. We are serious and passionate about what we do. We are easy going but also we are when we do.
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