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Justice for Patricia (Arona, IT)

Justice for Patricia Leith Savoia
If you have information about the circumstances that led to the death of Patricia Leith Savoia, who died on April 10, 2014, while eating with her driver and housekeeper whom he introduced to Ms. Savoia, please contact the writer through Craigslist. Her estate was stolen by this individual and his accomplice, and it is suspected he had assistance in a conspiracy to deceive the authorities by using a similarly aged woman by proxy to make her will. This individual preyed on Ms. Savoia and her husband for years. He created a crisis of having her and her husband's house burglarized while they lived in New York for approximately six months each year. They moved back to Arona sometime in late 2003, early 2004. Mr. Savoia died in 2007. This invidual went so far as to deceive the notiao who drafted and published Ms. Savoia's will. She died mysteriously one year later while dining with the driver and her housekeeper. The driver was the primary beneficiary of her alleged 'fake' will and the caretaker and neighbor (who posed as Ms. Savoia by proxy when writing the will), were minor beneficiaries of Ms. Savoia's estate will.
Thank you for opening your hearts to this situation of Patricia "Pat" Savioa, who resided at no. 26 Via Campagna, Arona, NO Italy 28041. She was a beautiful woman inside and out who lived a life as a professional ballet artist in New York City for decades and went on to co-own and -manage a ballet instruction school in Manhattan.
Family of Patricia Savoia
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