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US genocidal government stole everything from trying to kill your God


Just know I tried to warn you all for eight years straight on Facebook Instagram Twitter and all these social media sites and all they did was block me or banned me for telling the truth so f*** you all and your planet for put me through hell this long!!

" well it's obvious there's no one to trust on this planet after being messed with for pretty much 39 years straight now that I'm 45..."

Black Nitrogen

Well Mr scientific brother do you think black holes are compressed nitrogen then since they hold so much mass and pressure that light can escape Do you think it's a huge ball of nitrogen gas with a radioactive core center??
Meteors/ planetary invasion

Curing Earth



Blackbird Chernobyl I

I'm sure these aliens will have a blast killing everyone once this planet kills me!!

Hybrids wiping out criminal US govt.

Predict 9/11 by two days

I get Trump and Bush to go to the hospital..

US govt dossier

I made Obama read my favorite kids book on purpose in front of everybody to prove the hive mind on my planet after his third attempt on my life that he advertised on live television with the throat cut sign so I let his ISIS team down to Mexico over a lie from March 23rd 2015 to April 14th 2015 3 weeks

Blade Runner 2020-2049

Corona, wuhan, Soros,Trump

Corona meteor's figs from fig tree

Patnode Hawking Einstein

US govt killed everyone

5G,radiation, kids, death, schools

Patnode trying to cure Earth

Don't fuck with me

Meteor's and my research

Presidents fall

Meteor's and my other research

Just remember if someone's f****** with you, just point to the other direction away from you and say," hey look someone's coming!", and then you can do a jump reverse kick and kick him right in the f****** neck and kill them on the spot!!
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